MyRCC Information and Instructions

Your Initial MyRCC Login (New Students)

Login ID

Your MyRCC username and password are automatically created for you. Here’s how to determine what your initial MyRCC login information is:

Click Here to locate your MyRCC username and select “Forgot your user name”. You will be asked to enter your first name (optional), last name, and email address. This must be a non-RCC email address that is already on file with the college (for example, the one used to apply to the college). You will be sent an email to the provided email address with your username.


Your initial password will be the first letter of your last name in UPPERCASE, the second letter of your last name in lowercase and your six digit birth date. (Example: Mary Jane Smith with a birth date of March 17, 1998 would have a password of Sm031798).


Once you have your Login ID and password, you may access your email by clicking here or clicking the email link the the MyRCC tab above.

On the Office 365 login page, you will input your email in the format "" and your password (see above).


Keep in mind that your MyRCC password expires every 45 days, and to keep from being locked out of your MyRCC Online Services it is best to reset it prior to it expiring.

However, should you find that your password has expired or you can’t remember it, you can reset it yourself. The links below will take you to pages that walk you through the password reset process. Click the appropriate link for your situation.


You forgot your password or it has expired.

You want to reset your password before it expires.

Your MyRCC password is used for Email, Moodle, Self-Service, RCCAlert, Smarththinking, SmartEval and WriteNow!

You are strongly encouraged to reset your password after you determine that your initial MyRCC login works.

If you have problems with your initial login username or password please call the Computer Services Help Desk at 336-625-1573 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additional Resources:

We also recommend downloading the Microsoft Outlook App for easy access to your student email. This app allows the user to link multiple email accounts together. View your student emails and personal emails all in one place! Available on Apple and Android devices. Search Microsoft Outlook in the App Store or Google Play and download it today!

apple appstore google appstore


MyRCC Overview
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RCC Mobile App
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Your password and how to enroll in password reset
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How to find your username
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How to sign-up for RCCAlerts
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How to unlock your account
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How to install Office on your PC or Mac
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Desktop setup of Microsoft Office365
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