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Fire and Rescue Services

Become a firefighter, learn to save lives, prevent property destruction and keep yourself and your fellow firefighters safe with our Fire and Rescue Services training program. Whether you're looking to begin your firefighter training in preparation for a career or are seeking to maintain your certification or develop new skills, this program offers what you need.

Even better, you'll get to train in our Emergency Services Training Center and put your new firefighting skills to the test.


Fire Academy

This program will prepare you for employment as a firefighter and covers all topics required by the NC Fire Commission for certification, along with HazMat Operations, Driver Operator, Technical Rescue: General, and Technical Rescue: VMR. Physical training is also a required aspect of the program. After completion and affiliation with a department, you will be certified as a Level I & II Firefighter. In order to participate in the program, you must be a high school graduate (or equivalent), have a 10th grade reading competency, pass a physical exam (you must obtain), and pass a physical agility test given at the start of the program. Please complete the Fire Academy Application if you are interested in participating. Volunteer firefighters may take individual topics for certification on a space available basis.


Fire and Rescue Certification

Firefighters and rescue personnel need certain classes to obtain and maintain certifications. These certification classes are primarily held at local fire departments and are designed to help volunteer firefighters and rescue personnel get the training needed for certifications. Having these courses at local fire departments enables firefighters and rescue personnel to train on the equipment that will be used to control fires and perform rescues alongside other members of their fire department. Specialized training is also offered to meet the needs of various agencies. 


High School Academy

If you are a student in the Randolph County School System and are 16 years of age or older, you can participate in this after-school program to earn credits towards the completion of a N.C. Firefighter certification. Classes cover topics such as fire behavior, personal protective equipment, and emergency medical care. In addition to class participation, you will also be encouraged to join your local volunteer fire department’s junior program. This will give you access to equipment and give you the opportunity to learn as part of an organization. Just think, if you start the program when you are 16, you will only be a few classes away from becoming a N.C. certified firefighter when you turn 18!

Registration Information

Preregistration is encouraged due to limited seating. This includes the annual Fire & Rescue Event. 

Your registration fee will be waived if you are affiliated with an emergency services agency.

2025 Fire & Rescue Event information coming soon!

For more information or specific class details, please contact Debbie Callicutt or 336-633-4165.

How to Register

To register by email or fax, please complete the registration form and send it to or fax it to 336-633-0371.

To register by phone, please call Debbie Callicutt at 336-633-4165

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