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Campus Life

There's more to attending college than just going to classes. We want you to have the opportunity to meet amazing people, develop and explore your hobbies and have fun.

As a student at Randolph Community College (RCC), you will take an active role in crafting an unforgettable campus life that fits with your schedule and interest. There's always a way to connect and have fun: you can grab a bite to eat and catch up with friends at the Armadillo Café and Market, kick back at a school-sponsored movie night, listen to Spotify playlists made by our faculty and much more. If you're looking to take on a leadership role on campus, the Student Government Association offers many ways to get involved, or you can join one of our many Student Clubs (see more below).

Most importantly, you'll be able to build lasting friendships with your fellow students. Everyone's experience at RCC is different, but we're confident that yours will be memorable!

Student Clubs

A club is a great way to meet people and have fun on campus. Use the links below to discover the wide variety of student-led clubs you can choose from, including RCC's branch of the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society and the LGBTQ+-friendly Armadillo Equity Club.

Don't see a club that suits your interests? Start your own!


Other Student Resources

You can relax, study, or talk with some friends or classmates at our student lounge. Just be sure to pick up after yourself. Nobody needs to see your mess!


As a student at RCC, you have the right and privilege of freedom of expression through student publications. Requests for student publications will be presented to the Review Committee: they will determine the purpose of each publication and its appropriateness to the goals of the College. The committee will appoint a supervising editorial advisor who will oversee all aspects of the approved publication.

The Review Committee is composed of:

  • the vice president for instructional services
  • the vice president for student services
  • one member from the English faculty
  • two representatives from the student body, one from Curriculum and one from Continuing Education.

If you aren't satisfied with a decision made by the Review Committee, you can appeal by following the processes laid out in the College Catalog.

Do you have a suggestion for the Student Government Association (SGA) or the Student Life Department? Maybe you have an idea for a club, an activity, an intramural sport, or you see a way to improve student life on our campus. Or maybe you have a concern you would like to voice.

Make your suggestions here and our Student Activities Coordinator and the SGA will review and contact you.

The RCC Alumni Association actively supports the college in its mission of Creating Opportunities and Changing Lives. Click here to learn more.