Media & Public Records Requests

Public Record Request Form

Randolph Community College is a state agency and falls under North Carolina's public records laws. A public record request can be accessed using the Public Record Request Form.

Individuals submitting a public records request will receive notification via email within three business days with confirmation that the request was received.

If the request is unclear or does not sufficiently identify the requested information, the requester will be contacted for clarification. If clarification is not received, the request may be denied.

The request will then be reviewed to ensure that the information requested is available and not restricted from public access. For a list of records that are considered confidential, see North Carolina General Statute §132 and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines.

Randolph Community College will make every effort to provide records within a reasonable timeframe. Delivery times will vary depending on factors such as the size and volume of the request and whether the request requires additional preparation or review

There is no charge for examining a public record, but there is a copy charge of $.10 a page for any copies the College makes for the person requesting the record. In addition, if the information request is for something other than a readily available College document, the College will charge for the time it takes a staff person to collect or prepare the information. This charge is based on the actual labor costs of the person preparing the record.

Permission to visit any class may be granted to the media by the Office of College Marketing or the College President.

Members of the media are asked not to disrupt classroom instruction by unauthorized visitations, interviews, or filming.

The Office of College Marketing is happy to assist members of the media in their coverage of Randolph Community College.

Contact for Media Inquiries:

Megan Crotty
Assistant Director of Communications
Office of College Marketing
Office: 336-633-0208
Mobile: 336-267-4114