Board of Trustees

The Randolph Community College Board of Trustees is made of up 13 members - four appointed by the Governor, four by the Randolph County and Asheboro City Boards of Education, and four by the Randolph County Board of Commissioners.  The president of the College's Student Government Association services as an ex-officio/nonvoting member of the Board.

Current Board of Trustees

F. Mac Sherrill, Board Chair
T. Reynolds Lisk Jr., Board Vice Chair
Harvey C. Boone Jr.
John M. Freeze
James G. Gouty
M. Zeb Holden
Robert E. Morrison
Larry D. Reid
J. Brooke Schmidly
Dr. Cynthia G. Schroder
Dr. R. Andrews Sykes
Chris L. Yow
Gabriell McArthur, SGA President, nonvoting member