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An example of a visiting student could be one who only needs to take a couple of classes during the summer. These "Special Credit Students" are those who have not applied for admission into a specific program, usually because they just need to take a few classes. However, if you are a Special Credit Student, you are still required to submit an application for admission and are eligible to take an unlimited number of courses. Special Credit Students must meet the prerequisites/corequisites for courses they plan on taking. Special Credit Students are not eligible for financial aid.

Proficiency exams may be used to earn credit for additional courses taken as a Special Credit Student. Should a Special Credit Student desire to declare a major, he/she should complete/submit a Change of Major form, provide the appropriate transcripts, and complete placement assessment requirement to meet prerequisites/corequisites. For assistance in choosing a major, contact a student success counselor, stop by the Welcome Center located on the Asheboro Campus, or call 336-633-0200.

The responsibility for initiating the change from Special Credit Student status to a major lies with the student. Any questions should be directed to the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration. It is the responsibility of the student to verify with their home institution that the RCC course(s) will be accepted as transfer credit.

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