Course Search Instructions

You may search our current course offerings by following the instructions below.

There are 2 search options to choose from after you click the course search button below.


Subject Search:

  • Search for a course or subject by typing in the "Search for courses..." box or type into a subject box (for example MAT or ENG) and click "Enter" on your keyboard or by selecting the magnifying glass.
  • If you would like to narrow down your search, you can use the "Filter Results" panel on the left.
  • Once you find the section you are looking for, click on "View Available Sections" (for MAT-110 for example) to expand what is available along with the details depending on the filters that have been chosen.


Advanced Search:

  • From here, you can create a more detailed search for desired classes.
  • Narrow down your results by selecting the term, courses, location and more.
  • Fill in the information that is desired and then click "Search"


Click here to visit the course search page.