Motorcycle Rider Safety, Beginning

Students in RCC's Motorcycle Rider Safety class

($175 - fee includes all materials, workbook, use of bike, and accident insurance)

Over 90 percent of motorcycle riders involved in accidents were self-taught or learned from family or friends. This course goes beyond basic skills to teach students how to correctly deal with situations that they hope never happen. In the classroom, students will be given information on how to ride properly.

Outside, students will practice and develop skills by riding in a controlled environment.

A motorcycle and helmet will be furnished. The DMV waives the driving skills exam for students who have successfully completed this course.

ARCHDALE (Call 336-328-1750)

75566 - 6-10P, Th, 8A-6P, SaSu, 8/5/21-8/8/21
75567 - 6-10P, Th, 8A-6P, SaSu, 8/19/21-8/22/21
75568 - 6-10P, Th, 8A-6P, SaSu, 9/16/21-9/19/21
75569 - 6-10P, Th, 8A-6P, SaSu, 9/30/21-10/3/21
75570 - 6-10P, Th, 8A-6P, SaSu, 10/14/21-10/17/21
75571 - 6-10P, Th, 8A-6P, SaSu, 11/18/21-11/21/21
75572 - 6-10P, Th, 8A-6P, SaSu, 12/9/21-12/12/21

Continuing Education Refund Policy

Occupational Extension:  A student who officially withdraws from an extension class prior to the first class meeting will be eligible for a 100 percent refund. Also, a student is eligible for a 100 percent refund if an applicable class fails to “make” due to insufficient enrollment. After the class begins, a 75 percent refund shall be made upon the request of the student if the student officially withdraws from the class prior to or on the 10 percent point of the scheduled hours of the class. Students should see their instructor for further details. No refunds will be made after the 10 percent point, even though the student may not have attended all classes up to that point.

Self-Supporting & Community Service: No refunds shall be made for self-supporting or community service classes after start date of class.