Online Education Instructor Resources

Did you know about the following resources and services available to you here in your RCC Distance Education Department?

  • You can have a "Moodle Enhancement" (course shell) for any of your traditional courses allowing you to load notes and homework assignments to one central location and even give practice or live quizzes or tests.
  • We have a Plagiarism Tutorial available (Online Student Orientation) where students can print a certificate upon completion, and you can have this tutorial installed into your online class.
  • You can check out Web Cameras or Microphones for use in enhancing your online courses.
  • We will build a custom banner for your course.
  • We provide course design consulting and make-overs
  • We have a plethora of tips and tricks for reducing your workload online (Working Smarter not Harder).
  • You have access to 1000's of Learning Objects (NCLOR) and Videos (YouTube, TeacherTube etc.) that can be easily loaded into your course to enhance learning.
  • You can checkout the DE laptop to help in designing your own course modules at home.
  • We have a lightboard studio that you can use to create professional videos such as lectures and course introductions videos. To schedule a time to use the lightboard studio click here.
  • We can answer course accessibility questions and provide guidance to help you make your course ADA compliant. We will show you how to effectively use the tool called Ally (built into Moodle), how to make your course (including files) accessible, and how to add captions to all course videos.

If you would like to take advantage of any of these services, techniques, or just have questions, please feel free to stop by or call us! Our doors are ALWAYS open for you.