Apply Now!


All applicants are now required to complete documentation for the North Carolina Residency Determination Service. Residency determination establishes if students should have in-state or out-of-state tuition. Read more about it here.
You must complete the NC Residency Determination forms (#1) before completing a college application through CFNC (#2).
BOTH sets of documents MUST be complete before moving forward.
Give yourself at least an hour (maybe more) to finish.


  • #1. Complete your NC Residency Determination forms FIRST!

  • This MUST be complete before moving on to the CFNC application. Write down your Residency Determination Number. Click the image below to visit the NC RDS website.
  • #2. Then complete your College Foundation (CFNC) application!

  • Don't forget your Residency Determination Number! Click the image below to visit the CFNC website.

Got questions? Check out the "FAQs" Section of the NC Residency website.