Agribusiness Technology

agribusiness [A15100G] Associate in Applied Science Degree
[A15100N] Associate in Applied Science Degree (NCSU Track)
[D15100G] Diploma
[C15100] Certificate
[C15100A] Agri-Accounting Certificate
[C15100H] Zoological Horticulture Certificate

The Agribusiness Technology curriculum is designed to provide the entrepreneurial and technical skills necessary to manage a profitable, environmentally sound, community based small farm or agricultural business. The objective is the development of a workplace knowledgeable in sustainable agricultural practices.

Students will learn the fundamentals of agriculture, focusing on crop production and business. Emphasis is placed on entrepreneurial and field training. Students will also learn the basic principles of our economic systems and government policies and programs relating to agriculture.

Graduates should qualify for a variety of jobs in agricultural business such as equipment, feed, and agricultural supply sales; store management; farm operations; wholesale and retail produce management; nursery operations; and environmental and agricultural education.

More specifically, this program prepares individuals to manage agricultural businesses and agriculturally related operations within diversified corporations. Potential course work includes instruction in agriculture, agricultural specialization, business management, accounting, finance, planning, human resources management, and other managerial responsibilities.

Click here for a list of Humanities/Fine Arts and Social/Behavioral Sciences courses approved for this program.


Upon successful completion of the Agribusiness Technology program, the student should be able to:

  • Describe the role of Agribusiness in the US and how it impacts the local community.
  • Describe sustainable land care practices and how they impact soil and water quality.
  • Discuss various agriculture economic principles and articulate the impact that those principles have on domestic and global economics.
  • Explain the basic laws affecting the agriculture industry.
  • Explain the role of marketing in Agribusiness Technology and apply core marketing principles to the development of Agribusiness strategy and decision-making process.
  • Identify and treat soil and crop pest issues in the field of agriculture.
  • Create and maintain agribusiness records.