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Randolph Community College

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From the President

President Shackleford in the classroom

Welcome to Randolph Community College, a very special place where our faculty, staff, administration, and trustees are fully committed to the success of our students and the economic/workforce development of our community.

When I was a young boy, my mother told me that I could be anything in the world I wanted to be if I got my education and worked hard. Her wise counsel and constant support gave me the direction and encouragement to pursue my education, which opened doors of opportunity that I would have never dreamed of otherwise. That is precisely why I chose the community college as the best place to invest my life—to give the wonderful gift to others that my mother gave to me.

The accessible, affordable, quality education offered in the community college is the very best opportunity that many thousands of North Carolinians will ever have to enter the world of higher education and earn the skills and credentials to fulfill the careers of their dreams.

Our graduates have a proven record of remarkable success, both in the four-year universities to which many transfer and in the careers they enter. The formula for their success is really no secret. In large part, it is due to the following factors:

  1. Students at RCC sit in relatively small classes, where their instructors know them individually and are committed to their success.
  2. On day one and throughout their studies at RCC, students are taught by superbly qualified, fully credentialed, highly dedicated faculty.
  3. Our support services are comprehensive, including financial aid, scholarships, academic advisors, career counselors, mentoring programs, disability services, tutoring, early-intervention retention services for those who struggle in class, student success classes, and student workshops on test-taking skills, study skills, time-management, stress-management, and other relevant, helpful topics.

We take our motto very seriously: Creating Opportunities. Changing Lives. For whatever reason you are here or are thinking about attending here, you could not find a better place than Randolph Community College to help you become everything in life you ever dreamed of. That’s what we do! That’s why we’re here!

Again, welcome to RCC, a very special place that can help you turn your dreams into realities!


Dr. Robert S. Shackleford Jr.

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