Section XII - Student Services


Student Matters - Student Publications

To state the procedure to establish student publications

Students at Randolph Community College have the right and privilege of freedom of expression through student publications. Requests for student publications will be presented to the Review Committee, which will determine their purpose, content and appropriateness to the goals of the College and its role in the community. The Review Committee will also serve as an editorial board for approved publications.

The Review Committee is composed of the following members:

  1. Vice President for Student Services
  2. Vice President for Instructional Services
  3. One member from the English faculty
  4. Two representatives from the student body
In cases where the final decision of the Review Committee is not satisfactory to the student, the normal due process of the College is observed.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 07/24/2000, 07/19/2012