Section XII - Student Services


Student Matters - Student Governance

To describe the various opportunities available to students to participate in College and student decision making

Students are involved in College decision making through their Student Government Association (SGA) officers and delegates who may be appointed by the college president to participate on standing and ad hoc committees of the College. Their role as nonvoting members is to share and discuss views held by students pertaining to any particular topic.

All curriculum students of the College are eligible to be represented through the student government. The SGA formulates an annual budget from student activity fee proceeds, directs student elections and holds regular meetings to promote the interests of students.

The jurisdiction of the SGA is to represent the student body as outlined in the SGA Handbook. The SGA President serves as a nonvoting member of the College Board of Trustees.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 05/20/2010, 07/19/2012