Section XII - Student Services


Records - Student Records

To state the College's policies regarding the retention and disposition of student records

Permanent records are to be maintained on each student of the College. The minimum information to be included on each record is:

  1. Name
    b. Address and telephone number
    c. Gender
    d. Age or birth date
    e. Course(s) taken with date completed
    f. Course or program grades or information as appropriate
    g. Credits, CEU's or contact hours earned
Curriculum student permanent records are in the form of a transcript and retained in office permanently. Other pertinent information is kept in a student folder, paper and/or imaged, at the College.

Continuing Education student permanent records are kept on a card system for records prior to Fall 1985. Beginning with the Fall 1985, student records are on computer. Individual class rolls for Continuing Education courses are maintained through the annual FTE audit. Student completion records in high school credentialing programs are maintained on campus with additional documentation in the North Carolina Community College System office. External credentialing/licensing entities maintain their own records.

Other student records are maintained by offices from which students receive services (e.g., financial aid, disability accommodations, disciplinary actions, etc.).

The College follows the state guidelines for retention and disposition of student records by adhering to the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for Colleges in the North Carolina Community College System.  It lists records commonly found in college offices and indicates how long those records should be retained. This schedule has been issued by both the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (Division of Archives and Records, Government Records Section), as well as the North Carolina Community College System in accordance with the provisions of Chapters 121 and 132 of the General Statutes of North Carolina.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 07/27/2000, 05/20/2010, 07/19/2012, 01/16/2020