Section XII - Student Services


Academic Matters - Grading System

To explain the evaluation of letter grades and the computation of grade point averages

Letter symbols are used in the evaluation of achievement in all curriculum programs. Grade points are assigned to letter grades in computing grade point averages. Grade point averages are determined by dividing total quality points earned by total credit hours attempted. Cumulative grade point averages are determined by dividing total quality points by total credit hours attempted for a period of more than one semester.

Curriculum Grading System

  • Used in Calculating Academic GPA
    • A - Excellent
      • Grade Point Earned: 4.0
    • - Very Good
      • Grade Point Earned: 3.0
    • C - Satisfactory
      • Grade Point Earned: 2.0
    • D - Poor
      • Grade Point Earned: 1.0
    • F - Failing
      • Grade Point Earned: 0.0

*The numerical value for each letter grade is outlined in the course syllabus. Please refer to the specific course syllabus for the numerical grading scale.

  • Not Used in Calculating Academic GPA
    • P* - Passing (Corequisite Course - Developmental Studies)
    • F* - Failing (Corequisite Course - Developmental Studies)
    • P1 - Pass Tier 1 (Transition Course - Developmental Studies)
    • P2 - Pass Tier 2 (Transition Course - Developmental Studies)
    • R* - Repeat (Transition Course - Developmental Studies)
    • P3 - Pass Tier 3 (Transition Course - Developmental Studies)
    • TP - Transfer of P Grade (Corequisite Course - Developmental Studies)
    • TP1 - Transfer of P1 Grade (Transition Course - Developmental Studies)
    • TP2 - Transfer of P2 Grade (Transition Course - Developmental Studies)
    • TP3 - Transfer of P3 Grade (Transition Course - Developmental Studies)
    • TA - Transfer of A Grade
    • TB - Transfer of B Grade
    • TC - Transfer of C Grade
    • TR - Transfer Credit
    • TD - Transfer Developmental Credit
    • I - Incomplete
    • IE - Incomplete Emergency
    • IN - Incomplete-Military
    • AB - Absent Final Exam-Military
    • AU - Audit
    • SR - Senior Citizen Audit
    • X - Credit by Proficiency
    • W - Withdrawal
    • WE - Withdrawal Emergency
    • AW - Administrative Withdrawal

Incomplete Grades

An Incomplete grade "I" is assigned at the discretion of the instructor for incomplete course work. In the course(s) for which an "I" is assigned, hours will not be counted in quality point computation for that semester. An "I" must be completed no later than the end of the following semester, or it automatically becomes an "F." The exceptions are for developmental courses, which automatically becomes an “F*” for a corequisite course or “R*” for a transition course.

An “Incomplete-Military grade “(IN)” or “Absent Final Exam-Military “(AB)” will be completed within a period of time specified by the college to avoid receiving a failing grade for a course that a student is unable to complete due to temporary or permanent reassignment as a result of military operations or a National Guard service member placed onto State active duty status.

An Incomplete Emergency “IE” will be completed within a period of time specified by the college, a maximum of one year, to avoid receiving a failing grade for a course that a student is unable to complete given the unique nature of a national emergency.


Auditing a course is the privilege of being present in class when space permits. An audit indicates attendance only and is not an indication of successful completion or passing a course section. No credit is awarded and no examinations are required. Auditing a course does not fulfill any prerequisite requirements. Attendance, participation in class, etc., are at the discretion of the instructor. Audits are reported on transcripts as a grade of "AU" or “SR” for a Senior Citizen Audit Option described below, and do not affect earned credits or GPA.

A student must register officially for the course and pay regular tuition, unless utilizing the Senior Citizen Option described below, during the specified registration and schedule adjustment period. A student may audit a particular course only once. Under extreme circumstances, a student may request to audit a course a second time through the approval process of Department Head, Associate Dean, Dean of Curriculum Programs and Vice President for Instructional Services.

Students who receive financial aid should consult with the Office of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs before auditing a course.

Senior Citizen Audit Option: Any student who is at least 65 years old may audit courses without payment of any required registration fee or tuition for the audit provided the audit is approved in accordance with policies adopted by the State Board of Community Colleges and there is no cost to the State. A student may be charged local fees associated with these course sections. A student will be allowed to audit a class under this section only on a space available basis after completing the admissions process. This section does not apply to audits of courses provided on a self-supporting basis. No credit is awarded, no examinations are required and no grade is reported on a student transcript for students who use this option.

No Show

Students registering for class and never attending will be removed from the course with a status reason of "NS" and a status of “X.” A letter grade is not assigned; therefore, it does not affect the academic GPA.

Withdrawal Grades

Students needing to withdraw from a course should review the Academic Matters - Withdrawal/Drop/Add/Section Transfer (XII B 3) policy for guidance about each withdrawal option.

College & Career Readiness and Continuing Education

Grades assigned in the College & Career Readiness and Continuing Education programs are not used in calculating the academic GPA nor the financial aid GPA.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students receiving financial aid must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy requirements according to federal, state and/or local rules and regulations.  Some grades assigned that are not used in calculating a curriculum academic GPA may be used when calculating a GPA for financial aid. 


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