Section XII - Student Services

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Academic Matters - Graduate Guarantee

As an expression of confidence in the quality of education at Randolph Community College, we guarantee entry-level technical skill competency for graduates who have obtained an Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS), a diploma, or a certificate under the umbrella of the AAS degree from the College. We also guarantee transfer credit for successfully completed courses that are a part of the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement and Independent Comprehensive Articulation Agreement courses taken by graduates obtaining Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science degrees (AS).

Effective Spring 2011, all students entering degree, diploma, or certificate programs at Randolph Community College are eligible for the Graduate Guarantee applicable to their degree program.

Conditions which apply to this guarantee are:

  1. The graduate must have earned either the Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS),
    diploma, or certificate under the umbrella of the AAS degree, or the Associate of Arts/
    Associate of Science degree from Randolph Community College after January of 2011.
  2. For the Skill Competency Guarantee under the AAS program (degree, diploma, or certificate)
    1. The graduate must be employed full-time in an area directly related to the program area within 6 months of graduation.
    2. Should the employer deem that RCC graduate lacking in entry level skills identified by RCC as program exit competencies, the employer must so certify in writing to the Vice President for Instructional Services within 90 days of the graduate’s first day on the job.
    3. Upon direction by the Vice President for Instructional Services, a written educational plan for retraining will be developed by the employer, graduate, associate dean, program head, and appropriate faculty member.
    4. The written educational plan will limit retraining to 12 tuition-free credit hours related to the identified skill deficiency. It will also be limited to those classes regularly scheduled during the period covered by the retraining program.
    5. All training must be completed within a calendar year from the time the educational plan is approved.
    6. Cost of books, insurance, uniforms, and other course-related expenses are the responsibility of the graduate.
    7. The guarantee does not imply the graduate will pass any licensing or qualifying examination for a particular career.
  3. Transfer Credit Guarantee (AA or AS degrees)
    1. In order for the transfer credit guarantee to apply, the graduate must have transferred within 12 months of graduation to one of the North Carolina colleges and universities or one of the North Carolina independent colleges or universities that have written transfer agreements with Randolph Community College.
    2. Transfer credit will be awarded for those courses in which the graduate earned a grade of “C” or better and which were approved by the student’s advisor while the student was in the college transfer program.
    3. Randolph Community College will permit a graduate to take a tuition-free alternative, acceptable course to replace any course which is rejected for transfer credit under the provisions of a written transfer agreement. The course must be taken within a year of notification that an RCC course was declined for transfer credit.
    4. Cost of books, insurance, and other course-related expenses are the responsibility of the graduate.
    5. Activation of the Graduate Guarantee is initiated through the student’s written contact with the office of the Vice President for Instructional Services.


Adopted: 11/18/2010