Section XII - Student Services


Enrollment Matters - Catalog of Record for Graduation

To specify the catalog under which a student may graduate

In order for a student to graduate under the program requirements for graduation as designated in the catalog in effect at initial enrollment to the college (catalog of record), the student must be enrolled until graduation.  A student is continuously enrolled as long he/she does not have a break in enrollment from the College for two consecutive semesters (i.e., fall and spring or spring and fall).  A student is not required to be enrolled during the summer term to maintain continuous enrollment.

Any student who changes or adds a major may graduate under the requirements of his/her initial catalog of record OR any subsequently adopted catalog of record.

A student not continuously enrolled until graduation for any reason must reapply to the college and meet the program requirements in the catalog in effect at the time of re-enrollment or any subsequently adopted catalog of record.


Adopted  04/15/1999

Revised  11/18/2010, 07/19/2012, 01/21/2021