Section XI - Staff & Program Development


Professional Development

To describe the College’s commitment to and types of support for professional development

  1. An orientation of philosophy, objectives, policies, and operational procedures of Randolph Community College is provided to all new employees.

  2. The College is committed to the continuous improvement of its faculty and staff through professional development. All employees are urged to attend workshops, seminars, college courses, and all other in-service programs which will be beneficial to their professional growth as scheduling permits. Employees should work with their immediate supervisor to select professional development activities best suited to their special needs and the needs of their department. Once the activity is agreed upon, it will be recorded on the employee's annual evaluation form as a goal for the year. In addition to the individual employee plan, the College regularly provides upgrading opportunities for the total staff and faculty and/or for selected members of the staff and faculty.

    Each time an employee attends any type of professional development activity, the employee should keep documentation from the activity and record on the appropriate form at evaluation time. Faculty document professional development on the Annual Professional Advancement and/or Upgrading form and staff document professional development on the Staff Professional/Personal Development Activities form. Both forms for faculty and staff are completed at annual evaluation time and are made available through the supervisor. Employees can request a copy of the report of their activities from the Human Resources Office at any time.

  3. Funds for travel to professional meetings, workshops, seminars, and special training programs are as follows:
    1. Transportation will be provided by the College if available.
    2. If personal vehicle is used for travel when a college vehicle is unavailable, the employee will be reimbursed at the current approved state rate.
    3. While away from the College, each employee is reimbursed for meals and lodging not to exceed the maximum rates per day for in-state or out-of state travel.
  4. Educational Leave with Pay - See the Benefits Section in the Employment Matters chapter of the Personnel Handbook and Policy Manual.

  5. All full-time faculty members are required to keep current in their field of expertise by return-to-industry activities or by attending seminars and conferences. All faculty members submit in May of each year their requests for Return-to-Industry and Faculty Upgrade activities for the ensuing year on their department’s budget planning form. The Vice President for Instructional Services and Associate Deans evaluates the requests, and determines appropriate funding sources. Funding sources may include:  state funds, federal funds from the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006, and the Faculty Upgrade Allotment Fund.

    Once approval is relayed to the faculty member, he/she is required to make final arrangements for the activity, and provide documentation of the activity.

  6. All faculty members are required to complete annually for their permanent file the Yearly Professional Advancement and/or Upgrading Form. Staff members complete annually the Staff Professional/Personal Development Activities form to report their development activities.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 04/18/2002, 09/18/2008