Section X - Institutional Effectiveness


Program Review, Evaluation, and Accountability

To describe RCC’s process for evaluating curriculum programs including the responsibility and process for program accountability and review


Randolph Community College is committed to providing quality academic programs of study. The College evaluates each curriculum program and support service on an annual basis. The departments use the same parameters on an ongoing basis, and as needed within the annual cycle, take appropriate corrective action.

This annual review incorporates selected data fields specified by the North Carolina Community College System Office as well as additional information germane to the institution. When a program review indicates a problematic area, such as a trend in enrollment decline, a more intensive review of the program may be initiated upon the recommendation of the Vice President for Instructional Services. This intensive review includes additional data elements other than those collected for the annual audit in order to provide detailed evaluative information on the program.

The stated objectives of program evaluation are:

  1. To improve the quality of academic programs
  2. To improve the quality of instruction in each curriculum program
  3. To assess program strengths and weaknesses and to suggest areas of improvement
  4. To determine need and effectiveness of programs within the service area
  5. To enhance competencies in evaluation, planning and resource utilization

Associate Deans and program heads are responsible for the annual and ongoing evaluation of the quality and viability of each educational program in their purview. The formal evaluation process takes into consideration multiple factors as listed on the program review and evaluation section of their Continuous Improvement Plans (Good to Great Reports). Program review and evaluation is to be completed by September of each year.

The Associate Deans and the Vice President for Instructional Services review the Program Review and Evaluation of each educational program. They evaluate the information in order to make program improvements, evaluate resources based on current trends in workforce, determine program relevance or make a program termination decision.

Resources, such as Marketing, are available to help with changes and improvements. Resources external to the college will be accessed when available and possible.

After discussion with the President's Cabinet, the President will review the information and make the recommendation for program continuance or termination to the Board of Trustees.


Adopted: 11/20/2008

Revised: 05/20/2010, 09/02/2017