Section X - Institutional Effectiveness


Evaluation Form Procedures

To state the College’s procedures for the use of the evaluation form

  1. Personnel will be evaluated at least once each year no later than April 1 of each contract period; additional evaluation conferences will be scheduled as deemed necessary by the Dean, Vice President, or President.

  2. The completed evaluation form becomes the document which constitutes evidence of the employee’s performance and status of employment. Non-instructional personnel shall be evaluated using the form in Section XIII FX o. Curriculum faculty shall be evaluated using the form in Section XIII FX p. Continuing Education instructor shall be evaluated using the form in Section XIII FX b.

    The Grievance Procedure in 4 below is available with each evaluation.

    The employee’s signature on the evaluation form indicates that the evaluation has been reviewed with the employee and does not indicate agreement or disagreement with the evaluation.

  3. The evaluation form will be kept in the employee’s personnel file either a minimum of five years or as long as the person is employed at Randolph Community College. At the termination of employment, the evaluation forms become a part of the permanent file of the employee.

  4. Due process will be available to the employee who does not accept the evaluation by his/her supervisor and will not sign the evaluation form. Due process in this instance is as written in Section VI part B Grievance and Due Process Procedures.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 04/10/2003