Section X - Institutional Effectiveness


Annual Faculty Evaluation

To state RCC’s policies and procedures regarding annual curriculum full-time faculty evaluation

  1. Each full-time faculty member will be evaluated by the end of each academic year.
  2. Student evaluations, classroom observations, and the faculty annual evaluation form, appropriate to job title, will all be used to document performance for the year. The faculty annual evaluation form will be completed by the faculty member’s department head. The associate dean will review each evaluation with their department head prior to formal discussion between the faculty member and their department head.
  3. Each full-time faculty member will complete the Annual Professional Advancement and/or Upgrading Form and the Professional Plan prior to the evaluation meeting. He/she will bring these completed forms to the evaluation conference.
  4. Full-time faculty members serving as a Department Head, Associate Dean, or Dean of Curriculum Programs will also be evaluated on these job duties by the appropriate supervisor (Associate Dean or Vice President for Instructional Services) using the appropriate form.
  5. At the conclusion of the evaluation conference, all evaluation forms, observation forms, the Annual Professional Advancement and/or Upgrading Form, and the Professional Plan will be forwarded to the Human Resources office for filing in the personnel folder.
  6. Results of the Annual Evaluation will be used to determine whether the faculty member is recommended for continued employment, continued employment contingent upon improvement, or is not recommended for continued employment.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 05/17/2007, 01/17/2008, 05/15/2008, 05/20/2010