Section X - Institutional Effectiveness


Personnel Performance Evaluation

To state the purpose of the College’s personnel performance evaluation process

The purpose of any evaluation plan should be to increase the effectiveness of personnel in fulfilling the mission of the College. To that end, Randolph Community College has established three specific objectives for its personnel performance evaluation.

  1. To identify performance standards against which College personnel can be measured:
    1. Performance standards are formulated from the specific duties and responsibilities identified in each employee's job description.
    2. Performance expectations based on these standards are clearly reviewed during the evaluation process,
  2. To encourage professional growth of personnel:
    1. Specific examples of compliance or non-compliance with performance expectations are documented.
  3. To communicate performance concerns as they relate to job effectiveness:
    1. Specific steps that can be taken to continue positive professional growth will be documented.
    2. Specific steps that can be taken to correct deficiencies in job performance will be identified and documented.
Evaluation is based on clearly defined expectations that are mutually agreed upon by the individual and the supervisor. Evaluation results are used to identify levels of performance and to provide a basis on which to complete a professional development plan as part of the evaluation process.


Adopted: 04/15/1999