Section VIII - Faculty & Instruction


Programs - Instructional Programs Advisory Committees

To state the purpose of and provide guidelines for instructional programs advisory committees

  1. Advisory committees are utilized to provide advice in the planning, execution, and follow-up of all instructional programs. Specifically, the advisory committee members will provide advice and assistance in such areas as:
    1. courses to be included in the new instructional program
    2. proper sequence of courses
    3. course content
    4. needed facilities and equipment for the new instructional program(s)
    5. instructional personnel qualifications
    6. program evaluation
    7. timely and needed revisions in programs
    8. job placement of graduates
    9. publicity for the new instructional program(s)

      While members of the advisory committees perform in the capacity of advising, they do not assume administrative or policy making responsibilities.
  1. Recommendations for membership to advisory committees are jointly provided by instructional personnel from the different instructional areas and appropriate administrative personnel.

  2. Suggested number of advisory committee members per instructional area is 4-8 with exceptions as needed.

  3. All appointments will be made for two years, with half of the membership rotating off annually. Appointments can be renewed for an additional two-year term for a total of four years of consecutive service.

  4. Associate Deans and Department Heads promote and facilitate advisory committee meetings.
  5. All instructional programs/areas shall hold at least one scheduled advisory committee meeting annually.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 01/17/2008, 07/16/2009, 07/14/2011, 03/17/2022