Section VIII - Faculty & Instruction


Instruction - Self-Supporting Course Policy

To state the College’s policy for self-supporting courses

The following policy shall be used in the administration of self-supporting courses at Randolph Community College: All self-supporting courses shall be consistent with the mission and purpose of Randolph Community College.

A self-supporting course shall be defined as a course where each student is required to pay a prorate share of the cost of the course.

The cost of the course will consist of both direct costs and indirect costs. Direct costs shall include: instructor’s salary and fringes, instructional supplies and equipment, rental of property when necessary, advertising, printing, postage, refreshments, and any other costs necessary for and directly attributable to the course. Indirect costs shall include: utilities, custodial, security, non-instructional staff salary and fringes, and any other costs attributable to supporting the course which are not directly and exclusively associated with the support of the course.

Given the uncertain nature of estimating the number of participating students, the possibility of generating excess revenues exists. Such excess revenue shall be expended for student financial aid, program improvement, or other means, which benefit the students. Excess funds shall not be used to supplement the salaries of any personnel; to pay for administrative support other than that which is of direct benefit to the students, or to pay for college entertainment expenses.

All cost sheets prepared for determining the appropriate tuition and fee amounts shall be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Workforce Development & Continuing Education prior to offering the course.


Adopted: 11/17/2016

Revised: 3/17/2022