Section VIII - Faculty & Instruction


Faculty - Teaching Load and Overage

To identify the process for granting teaching load overage

Teaching load overage occurs when a full-time faculty member is scheduled to teach class hours beyond the standard teaching load of 18 – 21 contact hours per week. A faculty member will only be assigned a teaching overload in extenuating circumstances and when all full-time faculty members in the department are assigned full loads. Prior to the approval of the teaching load overage, the associate dean and department head will have exhausted all means of hiring appropriately credentialed adjunct faculty and will have demonstrated class cancellation to be detrimental to student goal attainment. Teaching load overage must be recommended by the appropriate associate dean and approved in advance by the Dean of Curriculum Programs and the Vice President for Instructional Services. All overage contracts will require secondary employment approval by the Vice President for Instructional Services and the President.

A curriculum faculty member will be paid for a teaching overload when the hours taught result in a teaching assignment of more than 21 contact hours per week for the term. An overage contract will be required. With the issuance of an overage contract, the instructor’s door schedule will reflect the hours of the overage contract as weekly contact hours beyond the faculty member’s 30 hours per week (non-vacation earning faculty) or 40 hours per week (vacation earning faculty) work requirement at a campus site. The faculty member will be paid at the adjunct faculty course rate for the additional contact hours over the standard teaching load maximum of 21 contact hours per week. Payment will be made during the term in which the teaching overload occurs.


Adopted: 01/20/2010

Revised: 07/14/2011