Section VIII - Faculty & Instruction


Faculty - Textbooks

To state the policy regarding textbook selection and complimentary copies of textbooks

Textbooks and instructional resources are selected by the instructor in cooperation with the department head.  Selected textbooks and instructional resources are confirmed for each course with the Campus Store at the time designated by the Campus Store textbook following the textbook adoption process.

Desk copies of textbooks sent by publishing companies to instructors at the College are sent for the purpose of examination for course adoption consideration. A desk copy adopted as a course textbook is to be used by the instructor. Non-adopted desk copies can either be returned to the publisher or kept as a reference book. All retained desk copies are College property and must be disposed of following state guidelines.


Adopted: 04/19/1999

Revised: 01/17/2008, 07/16/2009, 07/14/2011, 03/17/2022