Section VII - Facilities & Campus Services


Sales Personnel and Visitors on Campus

To state the College’s polices regarding sales personnel and visitors on campus

Vendor sales personnel are allowed only at the request of RCC personnel. Cold calling is prohibited. Product or services information may be left at the Welcome Center for subsequent distribution to appropriate personnel.

Faculty members are not to be interrupted in their teaching by sales personnel and visitors. All sales personnel and visitors must obtain clearance from the Welcome Center prior to visiting instructors. The faculty member in charge of a shop, lab or class is responsible for keeping unauthorized persons out of his/her department during class hours.

At no time will any visitor confront students as they move about campus. Any visitor wishing to speak with a student must be taken to the Welcome Center. Visitors on campus are subject to the same code of conduct required of students and College personnel.

Companies and organizations must have educational related materials, i.e., class rings, graduation invitations, etc., if they expect to set up in a designated area on campus. Representatives must have prior approval from the Vice President for Student Services before expecting to set up any displays.

Membership drives and material distribution must be limited to the mission of the College. The Vice President of Student Services is charged with the determination of approval.

Loitering on Campus

Loitering is strictly prohibited. Individuals who are loitering will be asked to leave campus. Refusal to leave or returning to campus will be considered trespassing and law enforcement will be called.

Media on Campus

Permission to visit any class may be granted to the media by the Office of College Marketing or the College President. Members of the media may not disrupt classroom instruction by unauthorized visitations, interviews, or filming.

Children on Campus

Non-RCC students under the age of 16 are not permitted on RCC campuses unless they are accompanied by a parent or are under adult supervision. Non-RCC students ages 16-17 are considered adults and are responsible for their conduct. Randolph Early College High School students are considered to be RCC students.

Animals on Campus

Individuals are generally prohibited from bringing animals onto campus property. However, Randolph Community College welcomes the presence of Service Animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), assisting individuals on campus. Animals that are part of instructional activities may also be permitted on campus property once approval from the Vice President for Instructional Services has been granted. Students needing accommodations other than the use of a Service Animal should contact the Disabilities Coordinator in Student Services.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 04/18/2002, 07/18/2002, 01/17/2008, 05/15/2008, 01/20/2010, 09/21/2017