Section VII - Facilities & Campus Services


Facilities - Use by Others Not Affiliated with RCC

To state the building utilization guidelines and application procedures for use of facilities for activities and meetings not sponsored by RCC

Randolph Community College sanctions the use of the College's facilities, provided the use does not interfere with regular College functions and operations, by community agencies, institutions and organizations for civic, cultural, and educational purposes, subject to terms and conditions listed below. The Vice President of Administrative Services is responsible for oversight of the process and final approval of the organization’s use of the facility.


Application for the utilization of any area or facility shall be made by the official representative of the agency, institution or organization using the Application for Use of College Facilities form (see Forms section). Upon availability the applicant will be notified whether or not the application is approved.

General Conditions

  1. Any and all College property shall be used AS IS:
    1. An Application for Use of College Facilities Form must be completed, outlining all costs for services, if applicable.
    2. If necessary, one or more full-time employees of the College shall be on duty and shall be assigned the responsibility for opening and closing the building and for providing other needed assistance to the organization. The cost of securing these employees shall be paid by the organization (the Application for Use of College Facilities Form will state all costs). The use of the facilities cannot be guaranteed if adequate support personnel are unavailable to assist the organization.
  2. The organization using the facility is totally liable for injury to person or persons and for damages to property from changes in fixtures and appurtenances. The organization obligates itselfto make good any loss sustained by the College as a result of, or in connection with, use of the College's facilities; 
    1. to make every effort to maintain order and decorum;
    2. to restrict the consumption of food and drink to the designated locations on campus and to prohibit smoking except in private vehicles with the doors closed;
    3. to prevent the use of unlawful drugs and the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the building and on the campus;
    4. organizations are not permitted to operate concessions or to sell food or drink in connection with the use of the building;
    5. to remove all property owned by organization immediately after completion of program/ activity.

      A certificate of coverage naming Randolph Community College as additional insured should be received from the insurance carrier prior to use of the facilities. Insurance coverage may be waived for the use of the facilities by users such as student groups or other government agencies. Such waivers must be approved by the Vice President for Administrative Services.
  3. All organizations or groups granted use of a College facility must abide by the terms of the application, which must be signed before the facility is used. Requests for the use of facilities should be made at least 10 calendar days in advance of the needed date. An email confirmation will be accepted in lieu of signature.
  4. College facilities shall not be used in competition with local businesses or for lectures or other activities which have as a substantial part of their purpose the recruitment of students to future courses or activities for which a fee is charged unless sponsored by or jointly with RCC.
  5. Observance of state and local health and fire regulations and/or laws shall be the responsibility of the organization using the facility.

Randolph Community College is hereby released from legal responsibilities should an accident or injury occur on or during your organization’s meeting.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 04/18/2002, 10/16/2003, 01/17/2013