Section VI - Employment Matters

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Leave - Sick

To state the College’s sick leave policy and procedures

  1. Sick leave with pay for permanent full-time employees of Randolph Community College will be granted according to the following schedule: Employees will earn sick leave at the rate of 8 hours per month of employment. An employee who is in pay status for one-half (1/2) or more of the regularly scheduled workdays in any month shall earn sick leave for that month.
    1. Employees under full-year contract (July 1-June30) but working less than full-time and at least fifty percent (50%) of a work month will be classified permanent part-time and are entitled to sick leave on a pro rata basis.
    2. Temporary full-time or part-time employees will not normally earn sick leave.
    3. Probationary full-time employees will earn sick leave.
    4. Employees continuing on the payroll, but absent from the College for educational purposes such as Educational Leave approved by the administration, will be considered as a full-time employee for sick leave purposes.
  2. The above sick leave schedule is granted specifically to the employee to cover loss of time incurred through his own illness or injury which prevents the employee from performing his usual duties. It may also cover any time that is lost when the employee may be absent due to doctor appointments, or the illness or injury of another member of his/her immediate family. Immediate family is defined as spouse, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, including step, half, and in-law relationships. If other dependents are living in the employee's household, sick leave may also be taken. Sick leave may be used to extend the bereavement leave policy for deaths in the immediate family as defined above. No amount is set as a limit for either purpose, that decision being left to the President and based on individual employee need.
  3. Sick leave may not be taken in periods of less than one quarter hour increments.
  4. The administration may request a doctor's confirmation in writing to substantiate sick leave taken for personal illness or for illness of immediate family.
  5. Unused vacation leave may be applied to sick leave with pay at the discretion of the employee in consultation with his/her administrative supervisor and approved by the President.
  6. Sick leave is nontransferable to any other type of leave.
  7. Only scheduled work hours or workdays shall be charged in calculating the amount of leave taken. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not charged unless they are scheduled workdays for the employee.
  8. Sick leave with pay will have no effect on the employee's earning of vacation leave and other benefits; however, sick leave without pay will delay these benefits one month for each month he/she is on leave without pay for over half the workdays in the month. See the Family and Medical Leave Policy for further information regarding continuation of health care coverage while on unpaid Family Medical Leave.
  9. Sick leave is not allowable in terminal leave payments when an employee separates from Randolph Community College employment.
  10. Sick leave is cumulative indefinitely.
  11. One month of credit is allowed for each twenty days (20), or any portion thereof, of sick leave to an employee's length of service credit upon retirement.
  12. For permanent full-time and permanent part-time employees, unused sick leave may be transferred when an employee transfers between state agencies. Sick leave may also be transferred to a County Mental Health, Public Health, Social Services, or Civil Defense agency, if the agency is willing to accept the leave. When a county employee transfers from one of these agencies listed above to a state agency, sick leave or any portion of unused sick leave may be transferred to the state agency.

    Employees previously subject to the Personnel Act in prior employment may also transfer sick leave (or any portion of sick leave) from a state agency to a public school or community college; and a public school or community college employee may transfer sick leave to a state agency if employed in a position that is subject to the Personnel Act when such transfer is deemed acceptable by the head of the employing agency or the local school administration unit or community college.

    An employee who transferred from a public school or community college to a state agency or vice versa may be credited with any sick leave which he/she had at the termination of employment with the public school or community college or state agency provided that his/her employment was continuous and the change of employment occurred on July 1, 1963 or after. Employment will be considered continuous if a public school or community college employee accepts other employment with a state agency any time after the end of the academic year or before the beginning of the next academic year.

    Leave balances will be reported on the monthly payroll check stub. Leave earned will be current with leave used being posted through the prior month.
  13. Unused sick leave balance shall be reinstated when an employee is reemployed by Randolph Community College within five (5) years of separation when approved by the President.
  14. Each employee is responsible for promptly completing and submitting appropriate leave forms to their immediate supervisor for their approval. Approved leave forms are maintained in the Business Office.
  15. When an employee is absent due to illness, the administration will first attempt to have the absentee's responsibilities fulfilled by existing employees. The employment of a substitute will be at the discretion of the President or his/her designee, according to the needs and the demands of the temporarily vacated position. It is the responsibility of the Business Office of the College to maintain annual records for sick leave earned and taken for each employee. Vice Presidents or their designees should establish appropriate control measures to verify their area’s monthly Leave Register. Randolph Community College's sick leave records for all separated employees shall be maintained for a period of at least six (6) years.
  16. Any absence should be communicated to the supervisor immediately. If there is no notification after three days the College will consider this a resignation.
  17. Leave taken for 30-hour faculty is scaled according to a 40 hour work week. Every hour taken equates to 1.33 hours of leave.
    • 30 hour option faculty use the following formula for leave: Hours absent x 1.33 = hours charged (round to the nearest quarter hour)
      • Examples:
        • 1 hour absent x 1.33 = 1.33 hours = 1.25 hours charged
        • 2 hours absent x 1.33 = 2.66 hours = 2.75 hours charged
          • Note: Rounding occurs at the end of calculation.
          • A full week of leave is 40 hours. All full-time faculty are considered 40 hour employees, even if they are on campus 30 hours per week.
  18. 40-hour option faculty will take leave hour-for hour. A full week of leave is 40 hours.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 10/19/2000, 07/19/2001, 01/17/2002, 07/17/2008, 05/21/2009, 01/20/2010, 09/19/2013, 09/17/2015