Section VI - Employment Matters

VI E 2

Leave - Compensatory Leave (Fair Labor Standards Act)

To state the College’s policy on approval of compensatory leave for nonexempt employees who work overtime

Randolph Community College adheres to the regulations stipulated in the Fair Labor Standards Act. All nonexempt employees are identified, and a time sheet for hours worked is maintained for each of these employees. Compensatory leave at a one and one-half rate is provided to any nonexempt employee who is approved by the supervisor and appropriate VP to work overtime. Such approval must be granted in advance. Checking work-related voicemail or email outside of normal working hours is considered unauthorized work time and will not be compensated. Therefore, any exception must be approved in writing by the President or Vice President for Administrative Services.

Compensatory time balances must be documented on the official time sheet submitted to the Business Office and approved by the supervisor. If not documented, compensatory time will not be counted.

The supervisor is responsible for ensuring compensatory time balances are not carried past 30 days.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 07/17/2008, 07/21/2016