Section VI - Employment Matters

VI E 11

Leave - Personal

To state the College’s policy for personal leave

Full-time employees of the college will be allowed to take one day per fiscal year for personal business or circumstances that cannot be attended to outside the normal working day. Personal leave may be used for personal or family obligations, child involvement, educational purposes, volunteer work, mandatory court appearances other than jury duty (criminal or civil cases, traffic court, divorce proceedings, custody proceedings, or appearing as directed as parent or guardian of juveniles), legal or business matters, family emergencies of a nature that require an employee’s immediate attention, weddings of members of the immediate family, religious holidays which fall on a normally scheduled workday for an employee, and any other matter of a personal nature. Personal leave may be used in conjunction with vacation, or for vacation purposes if approved by the supervisor in the respective area.

Amount of Leave

Full-time permanent and probationary employees are granted eight (8) hours of paid personal leave on July 1 of each year.

New full-time employees are credited with the appropriate prorated amount of leave immediately upon their employment. Leave not taken in a fiscal year will be forfeited. Employees are not entitled to payment for this unused leave upon separation from the College.

Approval of Leave

A leave request form must be completed in advance through regular supervisory channels. A verbal request will be considered if the request is of a nature to make an advanced request impossible; however the request must be submitted in writing upon return to work. Personal Leave may not be taken in periods of less than one hour increments. Employees and supervisors must schedule and coordinate leave requests so that classes and student needs will be covered. The College must incur no expense in providing Personal Leave for its employees. (This policy is effective 7/1/2010.)


Adopted: 1/17/2002

Revised: 05/20/2010