Section VI - Employment Matters

VI D 7

Benefits - Longevity Pay

To explain the longevity pay plan for college personnel

Permanent full-time employees of the College shall receive longevity pay if the employee meets the requirement of aggregate service time. Annual longevity pay amounts are based on the length of aggregate service to the State of North Carolina. Longevity pay amounts are computed by multiplying the employee's annual base salary rate as of the eligibility date by the appropriate percentage rounded to the nearest dollar in accordance with the following table.

Longevity Pay for Years of Aggregate State Service

Years of Aggregate State Service

Longevity Pay Rate

 10 but less than 15 years


 15 but less than 20 years


 20 but less than 25 years


 25 or more year  


Longevity pay is not considered part of the annual base or contract pay nor is it to be represented in personnel and payroll records as a part of annual base salary. During the employment process, the Business Office establishes a longevity date. Longevity pay is automatic when the aggregate service time is met and will be paid annually in the month established.


Adopted: 04/15/1999