Section VI - Employment Matters

VI D 12

Benefits - Flexible Work Policy

To describe the Flexible Work Policy available to College employees

In order to foster a work environment that serves both the interests of the College and its employees and is fair and equitable to all employees, Randolph Community College will consider the standard workweek to be a minimum of 40 hours, with each supervisor responsible to ensure that his or her employees have worked their 40 hours before they are dismissed at 3:00 on Friday. For auditing and accountability purposes, each Vice President will maintain a file of the work plan for the employees in his/her area.

Any other flexible work arrangements for employees must be approved by the appropriate Vice President to provide employees with the appropriate flexibility needed for external responsibilities without compromising the mission and operations of the College. Employees are urged to carefully review both the advantages and the disadvantages before entering into a telecommute agreement. Trial periods may be used to determine the most effective schedule. Vice Presidents will review each agreement carefully to ensure appropriateness, consistency of application, and equitable treatment throughout the department, with final approval given by the President. It is important for employees to keep in mind that what may work well for one position or employee may not work for another. Success depends on the nature of the work, the feasibility of the schedule, and the accountability of the employee.


Adopted: 04/19/2001

Revised: 01/16/2003, 07/17/2008, 05/20/2021