Section VI - Employment Matters

VI C 4

Compensation - Non Teaching Employees

To specify compensation for teaching by non-teaching employees.

College Officers (President, Vice Presidents)

College Officers who are requested to teach a curriculum, college transfer or continuing education course outside their usual workday will receive no special pay from State funds budgeted to the institution. In lieu of such pay, equivalent compensatory leave may be granted for overtime work at the discretion of the President.

Non-Teaching Employees

Full-time non-teaching exempt employees, with the exception of the College Officers, who are requested and approved by their respective Vice President to teach a curriculum or continuing education course outside their usual workday and/or professional job responsibilities, will be paid for their teaching time according to the Part-time Instructor Salary Guidelines.

In order to comply with the 2016 Fair Labor Standards Act, full-time non-teaching, non-exempt employees must be paid at the standard teaching rate for their degree level or time and a half, whichever is greater. Prior to any contracts being offered, the rate must be approved in writing by the Vice President for Administrative Services. Approval will be based on the need of the college.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 10/19/2000, 10/25/2001, 05/17/2007, 07/21/2016