Section VI - Employment Matters

VI C 2

Compensation - Salary Adjustments due to Promotions & Temporary Assignments

To explain the criteria used to determine salary for promotions and temporary assignments.

Current employees who are assigned temporarily to a position that is classified at a higher level on the College’s salary plan than the one held are given a minimum increase of five (5) percent in their salaries for the term of the temporary appointment. The supervisor is responsible for assuring that these temporary increases begin and end concurrent with the term of the temporary appointment after approval from the President. A Form-10 must be used to document additional duties and the rate increase.

Current employees who are promoted to positions at higher levels on the College’s salary plan receive minimum salary increases of five (5) percent or are placed at the minimum for the new level, whichever is greater. These increases take effect at the time of the promotion. Transfers to positions at the same level do not trigger changes in salary and transfers to positions at lower levels result in decreases in salary only upon decision of the President in consultation with appropriate supervisors. Position descriptions that undergo substantial revision in terms of duties and responsibilities are referred to the appropriate Vice President for recommended placement at the appropriate salary level.


Adopted: 10/25/2001

Revised: 07/17/2006