Section VI - Employment Matters

VI C 1

Compensation - Salary & Position Classification

To outline RCC's Salary and Position Classification Plan

Salary and Position Classification
The College salary and position classification plan includes both levels and salary ranges for all established staff positions as well as a scale for computation of salaries for established faculty positions.

Criteria for Evaluation of Staff Positions

Staff positions at the college are evaluated on the basis of the following nine (9) criteria for the purposes of salary placement:

  • Authority
  • Autonomy
  • Difficulty/Complexity
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Impact of decisions/actions
  • Interaction with others
  • Physical conditions
  • Work environment
Each criterion encompasses a set number of ratings that are applied as appropriate to the particular position.  Numeric values are assigned to these ratings and it is the sum of these values that determines the level of the position and, thus, the salary grade.

These numeric values and the ranges for each salary level are found on the last page of this set of criteria.

The purpose of these criteria is to assure continuity and consistency in the placement of staff positions.  Also, the criteria are designed to assure that salaries are both equitable in terms of work performed and in terms of comparison with other positions.

Position descriptions are reviewed periodically by the vice presidents to assure accurate reflection of responsibilities.  When position descriptions undergo significant revision, as in the addition of substantive responsibilities, review of the particular description can be initiated by the employee who holds the position, either by going to his/her supervisor, or by the supervisor or his/her vice president.

In addition, salary levels and ranges are reviewed periodically by the Vice President for Administrative Services who will recommend adjustments as needed to reflect cost-of- living and other appropriate increases.

The appropriate vice president, in consultation with the Vice President for Administrative Services and in keeping with the salary plan, recommends salaries for all College employees and obtains approval by the President.  Entry-level salaries for faculty are based on the faculty salary placement computation sheet; entry-level salaries for staff are based on the levels and ranges found in the salary plan.


Exceptions to any of the preceding procedures can occur upon the discretion of and approval by the President.  Such exceptions will occur when the President deems it reasonable and prudent to do so and will be documented appropriately for future reference.


Adopted: 10/25/2001

Revised: 07/21/2011, 07/18/2013