Section VI - Employment Matters

VI B 18

Employee Conduct - Tobacco Free

To state the College's policy for tobacco use on campus

Community colleges are exempt from the state law regulating the ability to adopt stringent tobacco use rules. Therefore, community colleges are able to pass comprehensive 100% tobacco-free policies. (G.S. 115D-20.1)

RCC is committed to providing its employees and students with a safe and healthy working and learning environment. RCC recognizes that the use of tobacco products on campus grounds is detrimental to the health and safety of students, staff, faculty, and visitors. RCC also recognizes that it has the legal authority to prohibit tobacco use pursuant to G.S. 115D-20.1 and G.S. 143-599.

Therefore, beginning July 1, 2010, RCC will implement the following policy:

  1. Use of tobacco (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited by students, staff, faculty, or visitors:
    1. In all campus buildings, facilities or property owned or used by RCC, including outside areas; Tobacco use shall be permitted in personal vehicles as long as no tobacco litter is left on campus.
    2. On campus grounds, facilities or vehicles that are the property of the campus.
    3. At lectures, conferences, meetings, and social/cultural events held on school property or school grounds.
    4. For the purposes of this policy, tobacco is defined as any type of tobacco product including, but not limited to: cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipes, hookahs, smokeless or spit tobacco or snuff, and electronic cigarettes.
  2. The sale or free distribution of tobacco products, including merchandise, on campus or at school events is prohibited.
  3. Student organizations are prohibited from accepting money or gifts from tobacco companies, including:
    1. Parties sponsored by tobacco companies or allowing tobacco companies to distribute free, reduced-price, or fully-priced tobacco products (t-shirts, hats, etc.) on campus.
    2. All tobacco advertising, such as billboards and signs owned and used by RCC.
  4. Tobacco advertisements are prohibited in college-run publications and on grounds or facilities, including athletic facilities, owned or used by RCC.
  5. Through existing health plans, the EAP, and community sponsors, RCC will publicize free, accessible tobacco cessation classes, seminars, and support groups on or off campus.
    1. These tobacco cessation classes, seminars, and support groups shall appear regularly in student and staff publications. They shall be posted in buildings, through Student Services and through other appropriate means.
  6. Implementation and compliance:
    1. The Health & Wellness committee shall develop a plan for communicating the policy to students, staff, faculty, and visitors.
    2. The college will provide appropriate signage and other physical indicators of our policy.
    3. Smoking waste management products such as ashtrays shall be removed.
    4. Violators of the policy shall be issued a verbal reminder of the policy. Visitors who repeatedly violate the policy shall be asked to leave campus. Staff and faculty who repeatedly violate the policy shall be referred to their supervisor and shall be given tobacco cessation materials. Repeated violations by staff or faculty can result in further personnel action as outlined in the RCC Personnel and Policy Handbook (Policies: VI B4 & VI B5)
    5. Student Services is responsible for student compliance at all campus locations, per the Student Code of Conduct located RCC Student Handbook/College Catalogue.


Adopted: 11/19/2009