Section VI - Employment Matters

VI B 13

Employee Conduct - Communicable Diseases Policy

To state the College’s communicable diseases policy

Communicable Diseases include, but are not limited to, measles, influenza, pandemic influenza, viral hepatitis-A (infectious hepatitis), viral hepatitis-B (serum hepatitis), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV infection), AIDS - related complex (ARC), leprosy, severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and tuberculosis. RCC may choose to broaden this definition within its best interest and in accordance with information received through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

RCC will not discriminate against any job applicant or employee based on the individual having a communicable disease. Applicants and employees shall not be denied access to the workplace solely on the grounds that they have a communicable disease. RCC reserves the right to exclude a person with a communicable disease from the workplace facilities, programs and functions if the organization finds that, based on a medical determination, such restriction is necessary for the welfare of the person who has the communicable disease and/or the welfare of others within the workplace.

Randolph Community College will comply with all applicable statutes and regulations that protect the privacy of persons who have a communicable disease. Every effort will be made to ensure procedurally sufficient safeguard to maintain the personal confidence about persons who have communicable diseases. RCC’s decisions involving persons who have communicable diseases shall be based on current and well-informed medical judgments concerning the disease, the risks of transmitting the illness to others, the symptoms and special circumstances of each individual who has a communicable disease, and a careful weighing of the identified risks and the available alternative for responding to an employee with a communicable disease.

Any student or College employee, either full-time or part-time, or contracted services persons who know or have reasonable basis for believing that he or she is infected with a communicable disease have the responsibility of reporting this fact. Employees or contractual services should report this to the HR Department. Students should report this to the Vice President for Student Services.

Persons who know, or have reasonable basis for believing that they are infected with a communicable disease are expected to seek expert advice about their health circumstances and are obligated ethically and legally to conduct themselves responsible in accordance with such knowledge, for the protection of other members of the community.

Employees who report having a communicable disease should be medically evaluated and their job duties may be adjusted as needed to ensure other personnel are not exposed.

Those involved should use good judgment about keeping information confidential without endangering anyone’s health.


Adopted: 07/17/2008