Section VI - Employment Matters

VI B 11

Employee Conduct - Civility in the Workplace

To describe Randolph Community College's policy regarding civility and professional respect in the workplace

Position Statement

It is crucial to Randolph Community College’s future that we create on this campus a cultural environment that is marked by civility in the workplace. This civility means that this should be a place where people treat one another respectfully, speak to one another courteously, and behave in such a way that creates a workplace environment that is marked by trustworthiness, honest but polite communication, and interpersonal interactions that are both personally cordial and professionally appropriate.


The commitment to civility in the workplace is designed to accomplish two major goals: (1) to create a work environment that will encourage more engagement in the institution on the part of its employees, and (2) to provide better customer service as a result of
the improved level of engagement and teamwork.

Principles for Ensuring Equity, Civility and Respect for All

Randolph Community College will foster an environment in which all people behave in a manner that engenders mutual respect, treating each other with courtesy and civility regardless of position or status in the College. This is true even in situations of high pressure and urgency. Rude, disrespectful behavior is unwelcome and will not be tolerated.

Our community is one where we demonstrate respect for each other; we accept our individual differences; and we provide opportunities for everyone to maximize his or her potential. Every member of our community will be held accountable for creating a welcoming workplace for all.

Managers, supervisors and others in positions of authority should consider themselves as role models in the promotion of such an atmosphere, without abdicating their responsibility to direct their employees to perform work effectively.

Employees at all levels should be able to discuss issues of concern in a civil manner without the fear of retaliation. It is expected that discussions be conducted in a professional and courteous manner by working through the proper channels, without the intent of fostering unnecessary disagreement and/or a negative work environment.

This matter is such a priority at the College that it is included in the interview for employment, employee job descriptions, employee annual evaluations and the employee contract. We hold all members of the College accountable for upholding and adhering to the policy regarding civility in the workplace.


Adopted: 03/16/2007