Section VI - Employment Matters

VI A 9

Employment Process - Employee Separation: Employee Exit Checklist & Exit Interview

To state the College's policy regarding the employment separation process

Policy Statement

To facilitate the separation process and to gather diagnostic and strategic information, ascertain reasons for turnover, identify training and development needs, and to provide a platform for employees to raise personally important issues, it is the policy of the College to implement an exit check list procedure and to conduct an exit interview with employees terminating employment with the College.

Procedure: Employee Exit Checklist

The Employee Exit Checklist has been developed to provide assistance to an employee in the process of terminating employment at Randolph Community College.

An employee terminating employment at Randolph Community College will not be issued a final paycheck until the exit checklist is completed and submitted to the Vice President of Administrative Services for final approval. The completion of the designated signatures on this form will verify that the employee has been officially released of responsibilities in each area. In addition, the completion of this form ensures that accurate information is recorded concerning forwarding address, insurance programs, retirement, and vacation and sick leave. Upon receiving a letter of resignation or retirement, the Human Resources Office will send the employee the Employee Exit Checklist and inquire about the employee’s desire for an exit interview. Employees may also print the form from the forms section of the handbook.

Procedure: Exit Interview

The exit interview shall be conducted by the President or either his/her qualified internal designee or his/her qualified external third party designee prior to or on the last day worked. The interview shall be voluntary.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 07/19/2007, 09/20/2012