Section VI - Employment Matters

VI A 6

Employment Process - Employee Entry Checklist/Orientation

To explain the purpose and importance of the Employee Entry Checklist and orientation for beginning employees

The RCC Employee Entry Checklist has been developed to provide assistance to an employee in the process of beginning employment at Randolph Community College and is an integral part of the orientation session.

The completion of the form is imperative to beginning employees to ensure that they are familiar with the institutional policies; vacation and sick leave policies; and the retirement and insurance programs available at the College. In addition, the completion of this form ensures that accurate information is recorded concerning tax deductions, transferred leave, and home address and telephone number. Within the first three days of employment, the Director of Human Resources will make an appointment with the employee to conduct his/her orientation with the Employee Entry Checklist and initiate its completion.


Adopted: 05/17/2007