Section VI - Employment Matters

VI A 3

Employment Process - Hiring

To describe Randolph Community College’s hiring policy which is designed to ensure consistency and adherence to the Equal Opportunity Employment policy

Hiring Authority

The Board of Trustees authorizes the President to fill all positions at the College other than that of the President.

Posting of Position Vacancies/Recruitment

All permanent full-time position vacancies at the College are advertised either internally only or internally and externally through media deemed necessary by the appropriate Vice President in consultation with the appropriate supervisor overseeing the position being filled.

Any College employee who is not in a probationary status may apply for posted vacancies and be considered on the basis of his/her qualifications for the position. All applicants must meet the minimum requirements for the vacant position to be considered for employment. Filling vacancies from within the College is encouraged when such action complies with hiring procedures and policies.


Exceptions to this policy can occur upon the discretion of and approval by the President. Such exceptions will occur when the President deems it reasonable and prudent to do so and will be documented appropriately for future reference.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 10/19/2000, 10/25/2007, 07/17/2008, 09/15/2011, 03/22/2012, 07/18/2013, 02/15/2019