Section VI - Employment Matters

VI A 14

Employment Process - Reduction in Force

To state Randolph Community College’s policy regarding Reduction in Force (RIF)

In the event of a shortage of funds or work, the abolishment of a program or position, or other material changes within the organization, Randolph Community College may find it necessary to separate an employee. Retention of employees will be based upon a thorough evaluation by senior management of specific programs, the need for particular positions, and the relative value of specific positions that allow the College to provide the highest level of service possible with a reduced work force.

The College’s guidelines for reduction in force shall include at a minimum the following criteria:

  1. Determination of the number of positions which must be eliminated to operate within the funding available.

  2. The feasibility of eliminating entire programs or parts of programs.

  3. Identification of areas where the number of positions must be reduced or eliminated.

  4. Identification of the classification of positions to be eliminated to determine whether personnel can be interchanged with other work units.

  5. Exploration of measures which would avoid the involuntary separation of employees.

  6. Evaluation of employees subject to reduction in force by using the following criteria, where possible, and others where appropriate:

    • Needs of the College to deliver services
    • Relative skills, knowledge, productivity, and value of employees to the operation.

Notification Requirements

The College will notify the employee in writing of impending separation as soon as possible and in any case not less than 30 calendar days prior to the effective date of separation. (Reference VI A 8) However, where there is a discontinuation or reduction in a program due to a lack of funding and the College does not have adequate notification of this lack of funding, an exception to the notification would occur. Notification can be made through either a hand delivered notice or through certified mail-return receipt requested. The notification shall include: a) the date of separation, b) the reasons for the reduction in force and c) an explanation of benefits.

Reduction in Force Rights

Employees who have received official written notification of separation due to reduction in force are eligible for priority reemployment consideration for twelve months from the date of the official notification. All permanent full-time employees are eligible for this reemployment consideration. Probationary and temporary part-time employees are not eligible.

As a RIF employee, the individual would have priority reemployment rights to the same type position, salary grade, and salary held at the time of official written notification. In addition, RIF employees have priority over all applicants who are not Randolph Community College employees. RIF employees will receive equal consideration with applicants who are existing Randolph Community College employees. RIF employees must complete a Randolph Community College application for any vacant position for which they desire to apply. All RIF applicants who apply for positions with a salary grade below or equal to their salary grade when officially notified of the reduction in force separation will be given an interview provided they complete the Randolph Community College application, meet the minimum requirements of the position, and are capable of performing the job in a reasonable length of time including the normal orientation and training given any new employee. If the RIF employee meets these conditions, he/she will be offered the vacant position prior to employing anyone who is not a current RCC employee.

A RIF employee who accepts a position at the same or lower salary grade shall be paid at the same salary as that paid at the time of notification of separation by reduction in force unless the salary exceeds the maximum of the position to which the employee is transferring. Priority reemployment rights shall continue to exist for any RIF employee who accepts a position at a salary grade lower than the grade of the position held when officially notified of the reduction in force. Priority reemployment rights would cease immediately for any employee placed on a probationary status for disciplinary reasons.

RIF employees who are transferred to different positions may be placed on a six-month probationary status if the new position held is not the same position as previously held.

Any RIF employee who declines an interview or job offer that is equal or higher than their salary grade and salary rate held at the time of the official reduction in force notification will forfeit their priority reemployment rights.


The official reduction in force notification letter will contain a complete description of all benefits afforded to employees who are to be separated.


Adopted: 01/16/2003

Revised: 07/17/2008, 07/16/2009