Section IX - Information Systems & Technology


Allocation of Information Technology Resources

To state the College’s policy on allocating of information technology resources

Information Technology Resources are allocated in accordance with the college’s mission. The allocated resources are reflected in the college’s strategic plan and the approved budget. In addition, the Technology Committee offers guidance and direction for current and emerging technologies through the development of a technology plan which is reviewed annually by the committee.

Appropriate technical resources and support are essential to both the academic and administrative divisions. The division of technological resources is guided by the following priorities to the extent that financial resources allow.

  1. Student computing resources
  2. Faculty computing resources
  3. Information Services functions that directly affect students and faculty
  4. Administrative computing resources
These priorities support the college’s mission statement of providing quality education, training, and workforce development to meet the needs of our students and our community.


Adopted: 4/15/1999

Revised: 01/18/2001, 05/15/2008