Section IX - Information Systems & Technology


Software Products and Use

To state the College’s policy regarding software use

Randolph Community College respects all computer software copyrights and will adhere to the terms of all software licenses to which Randolph Community College is a party. The Help Desk Coordinator functions as Randolph Community College’s Software Manager, and is charged with the responsibility for enforcing these guidelines.

Randolph Community College users may not duplicate any licensed software or related documentation for use either on Randolph Community College premises or elsewhere unless Randolph Community College is expressly authorized to do so by agreement with the licenser. Unauthorized duplication of software may subject users and/or Randolph Community College to both civil and criminal penalties under the United States Copyright Act.

Each Randolph Community College faculty/staff user will be required to read and comply fully with the software policy statement. Computer Services will assist with any questions or concerns regarding the software policy.

Computer Services (Information Technology Services) personnel will conduct audits of all Randolph Community College PCs, including portables. This will ensure that Randolph Community College complies with all software licenses. Computer Services personnel will conduct audits using KACE (our help desk system). The Director of Information Technology Services will notify appropriate vice-presidents identifying users that do not comply with the Randolph Community College software policy procedures. Computer Services personnel appreciate the full cooperation of all users during these audits.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 01/18/2001, 05/15/2008