Section IV - College Relations & Development


Public Relations

To describe the procedures for handling public information

It is the responsibility of all employees to maintain excellent public relations with everyone we serve. However, all public news releases and other forms of public information should be submitted to the Office of College Marketing for final composition and distribution. The procedure for preparation and approval of press releases and other public notifications is maintained and available in the Office of College Marketing and on the RCC website.

Randolph Community College is a state agency and falls under North Carolina’s public records laws. RCC’s Office of College Marketing is the designated public information office (PIO) for the College. All public information requests should be addressed to the Office of College Marketing.

RCC asks that public information requests be made using the Public Records Request Form found on the college’s website.

There is no charge for examining a public record, but there is a copy charge of $0.10 per page for any copies the College makes for the person requesting the record. In addition, if the information request is for something other than a readily available College document, the College will charge for the time it takes a staff person to collect or prepare the information. This charge is based on the full labor cost of the person preparing the record.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 10/19/2000, 07/17/2008, 05/20/2010, 05/16/2013