Section III - Business & Financial Matters


Excess Fee Receipts

To provide policy on the use of fees collected in excess of expenditures

The College policy for the budgeting, accounting, and transfer of funds generated from the charging of fees in excess of expenditure of those fees shall follow that set forth in the State Board of Community Colleges Code. Pursuant to 1E SBCCC 700.7, “If receipts collected through fees authorized (by the State Board of Community Colleges) exceed expenditures on authorized purposes, the following provisions apply:

  • Excess receipts shall only be used for one or more of the following purposes: instruction, student support services, student financial aid (e.g. scholarships, grants and loans), student refunds, student activities, curriculum development, program improvement, professional development, promotional giveaway items, instructional equipment, and capital improvements and acquisition of real property
  • Excess receipts shall not be used for any of the following purposes: supplemental compensation or benefits of any personnel, administrative costs, entertainment expenses, and fundraising expense”
There shall be a new fund established in which the excess fee receipts will be held effective September 2015. The President shall have the authority to approve the amount of excess fee receipts to be transferred from their funds of origin into this newly established fund, in accordance with the aforementioned Code.

All expenditures shall be consistent with the mission and purpose of Randolph Community College.


Adopted: 09/17/2015