Section III - Business & Financial Matters


Bookstore Operating Profits Policy

To provide policy on the use of bookstore operating profits

The College policy for the budgeting, accounting, and expenditure of funds generated through bookstore operating profits (pursuant to G.S.115D-58.13 and 115D-5(al) and the NCCCS Accounting Procedures Manual) shall be to require a mark-up on textbooks and all other items sufficient to generate a reasonable profit and yet keep the costs for students held to a minimum. The current markup on textbooks average 22% and does not exceed 25%, which is the industry standard. If the mark-up amount changes, the Board of Trustees will review the amount.

The College policy regarding the use of the bookstore profits, as required by North Carolina State Statues and the State Board of Community Colleges, is that bookstore funds may be used as follows:

  1. Support of bookstore operating expenses including, but not limited to, salaries, supplies, travel, materials, operating resources, and equipment associated with the operation, support and enhancement of the bookstore.
  2. Funds in excess of these operating expenses may be used in the support of:
    1. Student aid and/or scholarships
    2. Other expenditures of direct benefit to students (e.g., funding of positions for financial aid and student activities, etc.) Revision-State Board Approval 3-17-06
    3. Other similar expenses authorized by the Board of Trustees and/or President (e.g., new faculty positions for start up of new programs, counselors, equipment, construction, etc.)
    4. The construction and renovation of the bookstore itself. Revision-State Board Approval 3-17-06
    5. The student center (operations of student associations and activities, and the construction and renovation) Revision-State Board Approval 3-17-06

All expenditures shall be consistent with the mission and purpose of Randolph Community College.


Adopted: 03/16/2007