Section III - Business & Financial Matters



To describe the procedures for using institutional vehicles

Vehicle Reservation Log: Maintained at the Welcome Center, this form is used to reserve vehicles for institutional travel. College vehicles are for business use only and should never be taken home. Instructions for making reservations are:

  1. Log in under the appropriate date(s) the departure and arrival times, name, destination, and specific reason for traveling. You will be required to show a driver’s license and record the expiration date in the log. You will also be required to sign the log. Your signature attests that the information you have logged is accurate.
  2. When returning vehicle keys, record the odometer mileage upon return.
  3. Driver is to check vehicle each trip for cleanliness, general condition, tires and overall operations. Any problems detected should be noted on the reservation log upon return.
  4. The Welcome Center Receptionist and the maintenance department will monitor the reservation log regularly and schedule service and repairs as needed. The Maintenance Department will be responsible for periodic cleaning for all vehicles.
Check Out Log: Maintained at the Welcome Center, this log serves to control check in and check out of certain keys. Record return date when keys are returned.

Mileage Log: Located in each vehicle, this form serves as documentation for all institutional vehicle travel; it is not for reimbursement purposes. Information for each trip should be logged and signed verifying the information is correct. The log will be collected weekly from the vehicles by the Assistant to the Vice President for Administrative Services.

Daily Log for Local Travel (Form 300): Used to record trips made in personal vehicles which incur reimbursement in the form of mileage expenses only. Typically, this form is used for daily trips to the banks, post office, clinical site visits, class visits, etc., and allows driver to document reimbursable trips on one form.

Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Forms: Located on the RCC website. Complete the necessary form, print, sign, attach any necessary forms/receipts and forward to supervisor for approval. Administrative Services will forward to the Business Office for payment.


Adopted: 04/15/1999

Revised: 10/25/2000, 10/13/2005, 03/22/2012